Selecting Countertop Edge Profiles for Your Home

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What are the different kinds of countertop edge profiles?

We have compiled a list of profile edges that come on with our countertops. These edges are the most popular among our customers and can be used in many different applications from kitchens, bathrooms and tables. We hope by the end of this article you will have an idea which countertop edge profile will work best for your home.

Eased Profile Edge

Our most popular profile edge is our “eased” cut. This profile is commonly used in kitchen countertop and bathroom countertop applications, because it is easy to clean and maintain. It has a very contemporary, clean look that really shows the thickness of the stone.

  • Contemporary
  • Clean Look
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Shows thickness of the stone.

Pencil Profile Edge

The pencil edge profile gets its name from being cut to look not unlike a pencil. It has a slight angular edge that rounds into the vertical surface of the stone. It is most commonly used in kitchen applications as it is easy to clean. It is a very contemporary design, and is comfortable to work on due to its softer design.

  • Contemporary
  • Soft for resting arms

Beveled Profile Edge

The beveled edge profile is commonly used in both kitchen countertop and bathroom countertop applications because of it’s classic luxurious look. It is a great accent to your countertop, however it may make your stone appear shorter than it actually is.

  • Classic look
  • Great accent edge
  • Shortens the thickness of the stone

Rounded Profile Edge

The rounded edge profile is a great family friendly countertop. It is recommended to home with children because of its dull edges as well as the fact that it is easy to maintain, and even easier to clean. This edge profile is commonly used in both kitchen and bathroom applications.

  • Recommended for homes with children
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Feels nice to the touch

Full Bullnose

The full bullnose countertop edge profile is well known for its timeless appeal and its classic look. It has a soft fully rounded edge that really accents a new countertop nicely. The full bullnose edge profile can be used in both kitchen and bathroom countertop applications, however we recommend that they are not in areas that are prone to getting wet often as the rounded edge causes liquids to spill down the cabinets, and making it harder to clean. These are ideal for cosmetic areas in the bathroom, or island countertops in the kitchen. We no longer offer bullnose as a standard option.

  • Timeless Appeal
  • Soft Rounded Edge
  • Not recommended for any wet areas. Opt for Medium Round

Demi Bullnose

The demi bullnose is a combination of a more contemporary flat bottom edge profile and of the traditional full bullnose completely rounded style. The demi bullnose is used primarily in the kitchen because it is easy to clean and the shape makes it resistant to impacts that may cause chipping. The style will bring more curves to your kitchen.

  • Contemporary, or traditional style, or blends of the two
  • Traditional style kitchens.
  • It is a clean look that is easy to clean and highly resistant to impacts that may cause chipping.
  • Adds curves to the room.

Premium Edge Profiles

We offer a wide assortment of premium cut countertop edge profiles that will really make your home stand out. Our team of talented workers will provide precision cutting to your countertop to give you that look you have always dreamed of. For more information about premium edge profiles, please contact us and we will put you in touch with a personal ADP representative to discuss the benefits, costs and general advice about the custom profiles.

The Premium Edge Profiles Include:

  • Bull Nose
  • Ogee
  • Cover Ogee
  • DuPont
  • Waterfall
  • Rockface
  • Laminated Edge
  • Stepped Edge
  • Miter Edge