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Custom Solid Surface Countertops Fabrication & Installation | Orlando, Florida

Solid Surface Countertops are man-made, acrylic materials that can come in a very wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes that can suit any personality and home. They come in colors and textures that mimic that of natural stones such as quartz and granite, as well as vibrant colors such as lime green, tomato red and many more.  Like quartz, solid surface countertops have a non-porous structure. Since they do not need to be sealed, they will not stain and will be resistant to molds and prevent bacteria from growing inside the countertop.

Custom Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops

These hard acrylic countertops are a way to have a designer look for your kitchen countertop at a lower price than granite and quartz. Since solid surface countertops are man-made, the color selection that is available for them is astoundingly high compared to that of natural stone and features many vibrant colors for your kitchen. Solid surface countertops do not stand up to sharp knives and hot pans as well as quartz or granite, which means you will have to use cutting boards and heat pads. One benefit over the other stones is that if ever damage your countertop, we will be able to refinish it and have it reinstalled.

Custom Solid Surface Bathroom / Vanity Countertops

Solid surface countertops have become a standard for bathrooms because of their non-porous, waterproof surface. The countertops will be easy to keep clean and resist stains from cosmetic products and household cleaners. These countertops are ideal for those with mold allergies and young children as they are engineered to be hypoallergenic, which means that allergens such as mold will not grow on this surface.

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