Granite Repair Orlando

Granite Repair OrlandoADP Offers Stone and Granite Repair for Orlando, FL

While Granite is an incredibly tough stone, occasionally granite will need to be repaired or restored to keep it looking great.

In a granite crack repair, simple cracks are repaired with an acrylic filling. In some cases, we will need to use an epoxy that has been color matched to hide any difference in color in the stone. Afterward, depending on the condition of the crack, it will then need to be re-polished.

Homeowners can perform basic maintenance on their granite, however when it comes to restoring or re-polishing granite’s dulled surface, you should trust skilled professional to do the job. The risks could be costly; even as high as having to have the countertops replaced. A professional repair and restoration of your countertops will not only restore the look and shine, but you may also benefit in the long run from an extension of the life of the stone!

How to receive Orlando Granite Repair

NOW! Visit our new website for countertop restoration: During the process of a countertop remodel, if a crack happens to occur before or during production and install, ADP will repair it. If surface polishing is required, ADP will either polish with the Wizard surface polisher or have the restoration specialist polish the piece on site after install. If the mishap of a crack happens to occur to your countertops, simply gives us a call, and we will be more than happy to assist you in every way possible to correct the situation. We will send out a specialist to assess the situation on site, and then determine the best course of action to repair the crack as quickly as possible.


Contact us for more information about our new countertop repair and restoration services!

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