Premium Stone Profile “Volga Blue Granite”

Volga Blue Granite for Kitchen or Bathroom Countertops
Our Volga Blue Granite Material

Volga Blue Granite Countertop Material

Our Volga Blue granite comes from the Ukraine and has a black and grey color pallet with an iridescent blue accent. Named after the Volga River that flows through much of Europe, the Volga Blue granite will remind you of the refreshing deep dark blue water. This premium granite is available at ADP Surfaces for your next home renovation project.


Style: Classic or Contemporary

Pairs With: Dark Countertops, Blue Tones, and Black Appliances

Recommended Accent Colors: Blue, Teal, Green, Cherry, Grey


It is an absolutely stunning color in the light, and would really help to bring out any blue you might have in your home!


Category: Custom Granite Countertops