Featured Project: HanStone Quartz – An Orlando Kitchen

HanStone Quartz Counterop Kitchen with waterfall quartz kitchen island
Photo Credit: Bees ‘N Burlap

HanStone Quartz Featured Project

At ADP Surfaces, we build countertops for projects of all kinds; from new high-end custom built homes to DIY renovations.  This week we’re featuring a project submitted from Holli Rodrigues, an Orlando homeowner, an avid home decorator. Earlier this month Holli completed an extensive kitchen makeover that included new flooring, new countertops, tile accent wall, and new décor.

The material that she selected from us was light colored “Montauk” HanStone Quartz to replace her existing black granite countertops. Holli originally visited our warehouse with another color in mind, but after being able to see both in full slab form, she fell in love with the “Montauk” color.  The quartz material is a white stone with a light grey marble pattern that really served to brighten up her kitchen while providing a low maintenance worktop surface. The material was used to replace her granite countertops as well as create a beautiful quartz waterfall kitchen island.

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Interview with the Homeowner

After seeing the results from Holli’s outstanding renovation, we reached out to her for a few interview questions about the project, decorating and Orlando life.

You describe your kitchen renovation as “Industrial to Vintage, Mid Century Modern to Scandinavian”, where do you pull your wide range of inspiration from?

I have always had a love of decor and I’m inspired by the pieces of the past and the clean lines of modern design. I don’t feel that a person has to have one style; I think incorporating pieces you love creates YOUR style. I like spaces to have character and texture and you can only achieve that by incorporating various pieces in age, style, and color!

Why did you choose to change from Granite Countertops to Quartz countertops?

While I love the low maintenance that came with my black granite countertops, I was ready for a change. With the renovation we had to do, it made sense to make a real change…color, material, and style. I fell in love with the look and easy care of the Quartz.

What is your favorite thing about the Montauk Hanstone Quartz you selected? 

I particularly fell in love with the Montauk because of its resemblance to marble. Who doesn’t love marble? I just don’t care for the high maintenance involved, especially with a family and busy kitchen! I’m so impressed with the quality, color and low maintenance of my new Hanstone Quartz countertops.

What is a bit of advice for anyone looking to get started or do more with their home decoration? 

I always tell my clients to look for inspiration…in magazines, on TV, Pinterest…wherever. Make notes of what you like and what is catching your eye. Try to keep the foundation timeless and neutral. It’s easier to change the accessories than it is the floor or countertops. Be true to yourself too, don’t copy what others do because it’s your home and it should reflect your style.

What is your favorite thing about living in Orlando / Central Florida?

I always say living in Orlando is great because it’s where most people come to vacation…we get to live here. We have the beaches, historical sights, blue skies, and sunshine…if we could add a few cooler days it would be perfect!

About Holli Rodrigues & Bees N Burlap

If you would like to see more pictures of Holli’s renovation or learn more about her business Bees ‘N Burlap, you can visit her website at www.beesnburlap.com  or follow her on one of her social media outlets below:

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